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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of tattooing. It is done with a swiping motion of a manual pen and set of very fine needles, implanting pigment under the epidermis of the skin to mimic realistic hair. 

Just Three Steps to ​the Brows of

Your Dreams


Step 1: Do Your Research

Make sure Microblade Boston is the right fit for you. Take a look through the gallery, and take notice of overall style and appearance. With Alicia's work, the overall style speaks to a more natural effect to comfortably enhance your eyebrows for day-to-day wear.

Step 2: Check to See if You're a Candidate

 Not everyone is a candidate for Microblading. Check the before care page to see if you have any contraindications for microblading. If you are unsure, inquire for more information.

Step 3: Contact to Book an Appointment 

Yay! At this step you've chosen the perfect artist for you, and are a good fit for microblading. Now comes the exciting part! Email to book an appointment with Alicia. Appointment are usually made 2-4 weeks from the point of contact depending on the schedule. Once an optimal date and time is set, a deposit can be made to fully secure your place in Alicia's calendar.


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