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Microblading is a semi-permanent form of tattooing. It is done with a swiping motion of a manual pen and set of very fine needles, implanting pigment under the epidermis of the skin to mimic realistic hair. The appointment is booked for about 1.5 hours, including a consultation beforehand. Pigment will fade gradually over time though yearly touch ups are recommended for maintenance. Skin type/medical history can effect results. 

This includes an initial appointment as well as a touch up we call the “Perfecting Session” where we can adjust color, shape, and fullness to complete the look if needed. This session is necessary and to be done 4-6 weeks after the first microblading session. Complimentary aftercare is provided. 


Touch Up Guide  


As the epidermis of the skin sheds naturally over time, the pigment used during microblading is carried out with it. Eventually, a touch up appointment can be booked to renew them. The rate of fading is different for everyone.

The touch up guide refers to time period 

after the first "Perfecting session" is complete. 

9 months - 1.5 years    $35

1.5 - 2 years                   $450 

2+ years                          $650 

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